The Refrigerators Are One Of The Kitchen Appliances That Must Be Treated Carefully

Paying attention to the placement of the refrigerator is a way to care for the refrigerator that you must do when you first buy a refrigerator. In general, the refrigerator is always placed in the kitchen to facilitate us in taking food ingredients when cooking. Nothing wrong with putting the refrigerator in the kitchen, just do not put the refrigerator too close to the stove because the heat can reduce the performance of the refrigerator. Next, give a distance of 20cm between the back of the refrigerator with the wall. This is useful to provide air circulation to the condenser. In addition, place the refrigerator in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight. Aside from that, if you’re looking to buy a high-quality refrigerator, we suggest you check out the Sub Zero Side–by–Side Refrigerators.

In addition, where you often experience sudden power cuts? Now, to make the refrigerator can keep the temperature inside it cool when the lights go out, you should not open the refrigerator door too often. You need to know that the refrigerator can maintain cold temperatures for 24 hours even if the electricity goes out. So, if you want the food in the refrigerator to stay fresh and not stale, don’t open the refrigerator door before the electricity turns back on.

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