You May Try These 7 Tips To Arrange Your Small Bathroom

Arranging a small, minimalist bathroom vanity buying guide so that everything in the available space is like filling in a large crossword. There are several challenges that must be faced including: integrating the toilet and sink, providing sufficient space for bathing and, determining the place of towels.

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The following 7 tips can help you to design a small bathroom:

1. Place a corner sink. Even the sink counter can sometimes interfere with the only movement path available in the bathroom.

Placing a corner sink across the toilet will be better than a sink across the shower. Bathroom door openings usually create uncomfortable conditions in tight spaces.

2. Use a shower curtain. You can remove the shower glass barrier and replace it with curtains with attractive patterns and colors. Besides being able to save space, the curtain also adds privacy while beautifying the appearance of a tiny bathroom. Choose materials that are light and bright, which make the room look more spacious.

3. Select the paste sink table. In addition to visually making the bathroom look more spacious, mounting a table attached to the wall above the floor frees up less space for other small items.

4. Use variations in the shape of the sink table. Sharp corners of the table can be dangerous in a narrow bathroom space. Choose an alternative curved or multi-sided table.

5. Choose a sink table with one shelf. The design of the table with one shelf can double. Besides being able to be used for hanging towels, it can also be used for storing toilet paper baskets.

6. Play in a large scale pattern. Using trick lines or large geometric shapes can cause eye tricks so the small bathroom looks more spacious.

7. Install a large mirror. Installing a large mirror that fills the wall and not just a sink table can be used as a trick to create a roomy impression in a narrow space. In addition, the use of a large mirror can save space so that it can be used by two people at once.