Top 2 Car Detailing Oceanside DIY Detailing Tips You Need to Know

If you wish to get your car looking like new again, car detailing can be a great way. The benefits of car detailing are to clean your car more than a simple car wash. You can find there’s a lot of car detailing service such as that offered the best service in detail. They have experienced and professional car detailers that will make sure every little spot of your car is looking for extra shiny and new.

For those who interested in detailing the car, here’s some DIY detailing tips you need to know.

Top 2 Car Detailing Oceanside DIY Detailing Tips

1. Wheel Well Cleaning

You should clean the wheel wells beside from cleaning your wheels and tire sidewalls. You can use a hose to spray the wells and then use a brush to scrub the area. Make sure to use a clean brush that was not used to clean any other parts on your car. This area is often dirt and overlooked gradually builds up over time and is harder to remove it. Car detailing also offer service in wheel well cleaning that makes your car looks attractive.

2. Waxing

As suggested by, you can add layer protection with doing a little bit of wax after you have removed the dirt from the finish of your car. You can use one of the quick car wax spray bottles, just spray on and wipe off. In addition, you can use Carnuba wax to wipe on, leave it for a while and then rub off. The benefits are to give better paint protection and it will make your car sparkle.

So make sure you have prepared the types of equipment and know how it works by following the right methods. That’s all about some DIY detailing tips by car detailing you should know.