Credit Card Weaknesses We Need To Know

Every artificial item must have advantages and disadvantages, even then it applies to credit cards.
As we know take card payment, if the demand for credit card manufacturing continues to increase every year and this makes take credit cards payments always renew the convenience for bank customers who use credit cards.

Apparently, credit cards also have several weaknesses that need to be considered, including:

1. Cards can be broken into by other people who are not honest, for example, if the seller is not honest, he will rub the credit slip more than once before we sign it.
He will charge the relevant bank for another transaction using the second slip by stating our signature falsified as in the first slip.

2. If a business transaction is done on the internet, then if the seller is dishonest, he will receive payment from the bank concerned, but he does not send the goods we ordered.

3. When we need money or need to spend more than ability, card is still can be used, but what is often forgotten by consumers is the percentage of consumption credit interest is very high.

4. The type of credit card that uses magnetic bands is not very good security.

5. Annual payments and additional payments for withdrawal of money abroad are expensive, and don’t forget about internet transactions for overseas websites.

6. The value of money exchange is determined by the issuing bank, so sometimes the bank rather arbitrarily gives the daily average value of money exchange.

7. Don’t deal with debt collectors. It could be that household furniture will also be taken at the time of collection.

8. When taking cash through an ATM, a fee is taken directly from the amount of about 30 to 40 thousand (depending on the issuing institution).

9. Administrative expenses and interest charges that are too high if making money at an ATM.