What To Do When She Is Not Replying Your Text

When you meet a girl in dating site or application and both of you want to take it to the next level then usually you will exchange numbers and start texting to get to know each other. Many people know that this stage is crucial because it could make you get to the next level of the relationship or even end it before it even started. There are so many ways on how to text a girl but sometimes many people are making a mistake by hoping that their crush will reply to their text immediately.

You should give a time lag when she has not replied to your message. Of course, you certainly feel anxious if she never responds to your message. Many discussions by romance experts say that crushes that don’t reply to messages are signs that this phase of getting to know each other better is not going well. Many experts advised that you have to ask the crush directly about the reason she didn’t reply to the message. This is not only a sign that the crush has lost interest in you, but it can also be a sign that she is very busy. So, it is a good idea to ask if she would object to receiving a series of messages from you because guessing or trapped in assumption will only make you more anxious.

Other than that you should also pay attention to the contents of the reply she gave. Not only pay attention to the frequency of replies from her, but you also need to pay attention to the contents of the reply she gave. Does the reply make you uncomfortable or even offend you? If yes, then you do self-introspection because it could be that she is not the right person for you. It is better to know that as soon as possible before it could end badly in the long term.