These Are Some Types Of Wood Which Are Often Used As Basic Furniture Materials

Some furniture in your house must be made of wood, right? This furniture is most often the best place to live for termites. Many termites live in furniture made of wood. If this happens in your home, then you must use the service from termite damage repair. You can’t let termites reproduce in your house. this can make your furniture porous and damaged.

Wooden furniture is usually made of several types of wood. You have to know what kind of wood is the basic material for furniture in your home. This is some type of wood that is most often used as furniture.

MDF (Medium Density Board)
One type of wood material that is often used for furniture is the type of Medium Density Board or MDF. MDF wood is widely used to coat furniture such as sofas and chairs. The MDF in the form of compacted fiber and wood powder is made with a pressure process with a fairly high temperature, the advantage of the MDF is to have a smooth and flat surface compared to other types of wood.

Plywood or multiplex is wood that is composed of several layers of wood with the manufacturing process that holds it together. Unlike the MDF, plywood consists of fiber and bark. Stronger and more durable, plywood is wood that is not easily bent, is more weather resistant and is good for home furniture. The advantage is that in addition to weather resistance, plywood is also resistant to water. The difference with the MDF, the surface of the plywood is rougher.

Particle board
This particle board is wood formed from sawdust which has been compressed through a chemical process. The quality really describes the price offered, compared to plywood and MDF, the particle board is cheaper. Some furniture and furniture manufacturers have long used particle board materials.