3 Main Reasons A Girl Not Replying

When texting a girl you like the result could be unpredictable. You want to keep talking to her, but does she wants to talk to you or are you interesting enough? Everything could happen when you are getting to know someone via text or chat because it is not a direct conversation where you can read her gestures, body language, and facial expression. But you do not have to worry because when she is not replying to your chat or text here are the reasons why.

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1. Angry or upset. A reason she doesn’t reply to your message even in a long time maybe she is sulking for a reason that you don’t realize makes her feel angry or upset because of you. Try to re-check the messages that you have sent before who know one of those messages that offend her indirectly. If you feel bad because she is sulking and does not want to reply to your message, there is no other way than to apologize or you can also send her a message in the form of sweet words to melt her heart back.

2. There is another person. Although it seems painful, the possibility of this one could have happened. Maybe she just thinks we are nothing more than just friends or just a distraction. This is usually if she only contacted you at certain times like when she was lonely. Instead of you just being made as a friend to send messages or chat, you should get ready to move on and look for others.

3. She lost interest in you. If she has often responded to your messages improperly or even did not respond even though she was contacted many times – this might be a sign you should start taking a step back because this usually indicates she is not interested in you or feel your character does not match her taste. Although it is annoying it is better rather than you having to wait for a reply from her do will not come. It is better for you for you to wait for another love.