These Are 5 Easy Ways To Make An Interesting Opening Paragraph

What is the second most important part of your post after the title? In the order, no doubt is the opening paragraph. So important is the opening paragraph (about 50 words) that copywriter Eugene Schwart often takes up to a week to create start a blog. Why is the opening paragraph important for new bloggers who want to start a blog? Imagine how disappointed you are if your pillar article was not read entirely by visitors just because the opening paragraphs did not attract attention. However, if your opening paragraph is interesting, this is like a door that is wide open so that the reader happily enters your “home” (overall posting).

Here are five ways you can use to create an opening paragraph that catches the reader’s attention:

1. Ask Questions

Opening your posts with questions is a tool for you to converse with readers. With this conversation means there is two-way communication between you and the reader.

2. Present an anecdote or quote

Anecdotes are funny stories that make readers laugh, and lure them to immediately know what are the main points of your writing. Meanwhile, a quote from an expert or famous person is accurate proof (bait).

3. Open the reader’s mind or memory

Opening the mind (memory) of the reader is a powerful opening technique. This method can be done using words like Imagine …, What happens …, Do you remember when …, and so on.

4. Use a parable (analogy)

Equating important things with something real in everyday life will make it easier to read digest what are the main points of your post. In addition, this method also helps you simplify difficult concepts.

5. Show surprising data

Opening paragraphs with shocking data (for example, you get page rank 6 in 2 months) is an amazing technique. As long as the data is relevant and not lying, readers will be interested in and like it because one of the important needs of bloggers is the high page rank of the blog.