Be careful, These 2 Insects Can Kill Humans Only in Seconds Count

During this time we know that insects are animals with various types. Some help humans, disrupt plant growth and even spread the disease to the surrounding environment. If you look around, many insects even have a negative impact. So no wonder, this animal does not have many fans like dogs and cats. That is why many people feel disturbed and choose to call home pest control so that their homes are clean and protected from insects.

Speaking of insects, it turns out there are several types that are quite dangerous. Especially if it can’t kill living things, one of which is humans. Now, what are those insects?

Larvae from Botfly flies that can eat away the human body
Flies are indeed one of the most avoided insects by humans. Besides being a noisy voice, this animal can also spread disease. But, some of them, there are flies that are quite dangerous for humans. Not only spreading disease but also can live in the human body. It is a Botfly fly. Eggs or larvae can land at any time and stay in the body you know without us knowing when he was there. Botfly larvae do not originate from the parent of the fly, but rather mosquitoes.

Giant Japanese bees that can cause kidney failure in humans
As we know that the bee’s defense from enemies is the sting. But for this one bee, it has a poison to paralyze its enemy. Namely the Japanese Giant Bee. Yes, as the name implies, this bee came from Japan and still has not been found in any part of the country.

Bees measuring around 4.5 cm have killed 30 to 40 Japanese citizens each year. In addition, if the prey is not killed, another bad possibility is that it can make humans suffer from kidney failure. Therefore, the government in Japan appealed to stay away from this giant bee lest so that no more casualties fell.

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